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Top Books/Book Recommendations




So I have made a list of my favorite books. As all my fellow book lovers know it is an extremely hard thing to do. I have a list of fifteen books with six categories. One Classic, one Adult, one Children's , and a Middle Grade. As well as one I think would be great for everyone to read. Then I have my top Ten YA books, these will mostly be fantasy as that's my favorite genre. I will include my rating as well as a description for all but the last five. No book on this list has less than four stars. If you do not agree with this list that is perfectly okay. We are a diverse communtiy and we all have different tast, that's what's so great about being a reader. Harry Potter is not on this list because I have not finished the series yet and can not give my full opnion on it as of yet. This list will more than likely change the more I read but for right now it is as follows:

Classic: "Pride and Prejudice" BY: Jane Austen

Rating 5/5 stars

My all time favorite classic is "Pride and Prejudice." This was the first classic I read and nothing has beaten it. This is the story of Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth. Elizabeth has a mother that wants all her daughters married to wealthy men. As far as Elizabeth is concerned she could die alone. She refuses to marry for anything less than love. Naturally when Mr.Bingley arrives Elizabeth's sister Jane is who he sets his eyes on though his friend Mr.Darcy is found to be lacking. Elizabeth sets him out as a pround unkind man right from the start. She is convinced that she would not marry him for anything in the world and he has a like minded opnion of her.


Adult: "Me Before You" BY: Jojo Moyes

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Though I liked this book a great deal there were a few things I couldn't get over. I would go further into details but I do not wish to spoil anything. Will has a horrible accident that leaves him paralzed and unwilling to carry on with his life. His parents hire Lou, a character in and of her self, to take care of him. They find each other rather odd but the more they get to know about the other the more they can be themselves. It is a quircky, fun and sad read that gets deeper the futher along it goes. I found it to be touching and heart breacking all at the same time. If you read this have a box of tissues at the ready.     

Children's: "The Book With No Pictures" BY: B.J. Novak

5/5 Stars

I adore this book. It's not for every child but I think most would enjoy it. The book is as the title states one without pictures. I found it to be a very fun read and I wish I had a copy myself.

Middle Grade: "The Book of Story Beginnings" BY: Kristin Kladstrup

Rating: 5/5 Stars

This is a very fun book that I read in middle school and still enjoy now. "Oscar Martin was 14 when he vanished from his farmhouse home. Nearly a century later, Lucy Martin and her parents move to that same farmhouse, where her father mysteriously disappears. When she finds the mystical Book of Story Beginnings, Oscar reappears and together they venture into a fantasy world in search of Lucy's father."


E for Everyone: "The Chronicles of Narnia" BY: C.S. Lewis

Rating 5/5 Stars

"The Chronicles of Narnia" was the series I grew up with. I hear people talk about Harry Potter and I think about this series. This is my Harry Potter, the thing that kept me sane through the years. What made me want to write. I cannot describe what this series means to me. It is my favorite, it's on a different plain than any other work of fiction. This follows a few different people through out the books. What every story has in common though is the magical land of Narnia. I would highly recommend this to any and everyone.


1) "Throne of Glass" series By: Sarah J. Maas

Rating 5/5 stars

I had a hard time narrowing it down when it came to Sarah J. Maas. I would recommend any of her books but in the end I decided that I favored TOG to ACOTAR. TOG follows an assassin by the name of Celaena Sardothien. Celaena has been held as a slave in Endovier for a year. She has gone through torture beyond compare, so naturally when the Captain of the Guard and the would be King show up offering freedom for a price she accepts. All she has to do is win a game to be King's Champion, serve as a loyal lapdog for a few years and she's free. No big deal, she's got this, right? 


2) "Entwined" BY: Heather Dixon

Rating: 5/5 Stars

I read this book every year and it has not gotten boring yet. Mr.Bradford is so lovable. It is a retellig of the twelve dancing princesses.

3) "Vampire Academy" series BY: Richelle Mead

Rating: 5/5 stars

Some people can take or leave this series but it is a personal favorite of mine. It follows a smart mouth Dhampir who has been trained to protect the Moroi, more specifically her best friend Lissa, from the Strigoi, evil vampires who prey on humans and Moroi alike. Throw in Dimitri and it's the perfect series.

4) "Fangirl" BY: Rainbow Rowell

Rating: 5/5 stars

I am not someone who usually goes for contemporary but this book took me by surprise. It is the ultimate book for all fangirls or boys. Cath is a fangirl obsessed with writing fanfiction about her favorite series. She has gone off to college with her twin sister Wren only to find they aren't roommates. Cath has anxiety and does not like that her sister has basically thrown her under the bus. Not to mention she might have feelings for Levi who she assumes is her wild roommates boyfriend. 

5) Shadowhunters books BY: Cassandra Clare

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

The Shadowhunters books have been near and dear to me since I started reading the first series in seventh grade. I have fallen in love with all the Characters, even on occasion a few not so good ones. Shadowhunters were created to protect humans from demons and rouge Downworlder's. I gave these books a 4.5 because all though they are all great, not all of them were easy to get into.

6) "To Catch A Pirate: BY: Jade Parker

Rating 5/5 Stars

This is also a yearly read for me.

7) "Caraval" BY: Stephanie Garber 5/5 stars

8) "The Hunger Games" BY: Suzanne Collins 5/5 Stars

9) "The Fault in Our Stars" BY: John Green 5/5 Stars

10) "The Siren" BY: Kiera Cass 4/5 Stars

I would also recommend "The Selection" series for a pick me up read. 


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